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13th year Birthday Wishes

At 13, you are warmly welcomed to teenage years. Being another phase of your life, accept my congratulations. Happy birthday!

As you have stepped into your TEENS,
You may always want to be seen.
But do not forget you have a long way to go,
Where, at times your mood may swing to and fro.
So, this is where I wish you a good luck,
And may all the happiness for life you pluck.
On this 13th birthday of your life,
Get ready to cut the cake with knife!!!

On this 13th birthday of yours,
I wish you good luck with feelings pure.
May there be showers of blessings on you,
This is what I really wish for you.

Now it’s time that you may start throwing tantrums,
At times, you may want to dress-up or beat the drums.
So with all the elegance and rock star mood,
On this 13th birthday, wish you shoo away all the crudes.

You have left behind the infant in you,
To accept the phase that’s totally new.
So, on this 13th birthday,
A very good luck to you I say!

Your friends now become more important to you,
But I would say, choose the ones which are true.
On your 13th birthday we would like to say,
Mamma and Papa love you more than with anyone you stay!

Freedom becomes your first love now,
You may want it anyhow.
But my little angel please know,
This is your 13th birthday, where you just start to grow.
A very happy birthday for this,
And along with it a flying kiss!!

You have entered the gate of adolescent age,
Now you easily differentiate between the summer and the vintage.
So get your bags packed with lots of wishes from me,
Because, on this, 13th birthday all your worries will flee.

A little anger at the tip of your nose,
At times may be seen, my little rose!

Love, happiness and pink blush
All the worries they will flush.
On your 13th birthday,
“Have a wonderful life” is all I want to say.

To the adolescence you will move,
You may want to party and groove.
Here is where I wish you a very happy 13,
May all your wishes be granted by fairy queen.

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