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18th year Birthday Wishes

Now that you are legally recognized as adult, I wish you very remarkable and joyful 18th birthday.

Dreams of love now you may keep,
Wishing, into your heart someone may peep.
This wish would soon come to reality,
Where a man would surrender his heart to you with loyalty!!!
Happy 18thy birthday!!!

On your 18th birthday show the world,
That negatives from within, you have hurled!!!

Travelling 18 years of life, here you stand,
Thus you deserve a birthday bash that’s grand!!!
Happy and Energetic 18th Birthday!!!

Earthly winds are here to wish you,
On your 18th birthday, that happiness stick to you like glue!!!
Happy Eclectic 18th Birthday!!!

You’re now eligible to vote for the best,
But do it with all the brain and zest.
Happy Elective 18th Birthday!!!

You’ve just stepped in to your adulthood,
But do remember to carry along your childhood.
Adult may help you to fight the strife,
But the child will always keep you alive!!!
Happy Ecstatic 18th Birthday!!!

As you now have become an adult,
Do take care to work always for good result!!!
Happy Endeavoring 18th Birthday!!!

You now have become totally mature,
Now to yourself a bright future you assure!!!
Happy Earnest 18th Birthday!!!

Very alluring you may find those drinks,
But be away, as they are a very bad jinx!!!
Happy Enjoyable 18th Birthday!!!

Style may be a little more important now,
Since in front of girls you may have to bow.
But style won’t only be a good way,
Because girls would want a life partner with whom they can stay!
Happy Easy-going 18th Birthday!!!

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