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30th year Birthday Wishes

Who say you are 30? You are simply 18 year of age plus 12 years of experience. Happy 29+1 birthday.

Completing three decades you have come here,
Still many more to go, now run without fear!!!
Happy 30th birthday!!!

Necessary wisdom you now own,
By right decisions, it should be shown!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

“What the world thinks of me?”, mind may wonder,
Just give your best and don’t cause a blunder!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Knowing that now you think more practically,
You now got to be right syntactic and semantically!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Half of sixty is what we call thirty,
Leave everything in life that is filthy!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

The experience that you get at this age,
In the problems, it will come to your salvage!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Thirty is equal to fifteen times two,
Thus hearty thirty wishes for you!!!
Happy 30th birthday!!!

Till date you have passed three decades,
Now, you’ll feel grass moist not the blade!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Turning thirty is a big thing in itself,
It’s time to arrange experiences in your life shelf!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

You’re more generous than before,
Thus, good luck will come at your shore!!!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

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