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40th year Birthday Wishes

At 40, live just begins. Enjoy your life, fulfill your dreams and impacts other people’s life positively.
Happy birthday to you.

Signs of aging I see on your face,
Oh! Don’t bother, You’ll always have that grace!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Just at a distance of one decade,
You stand, from the golden jubilee grade!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Furrow and wrinkles a little more,
But don’t let your face in anger sore!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Seeing and hearing may somewhat decline,
But I know, your true heavenly feelings won’t ever sublime!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

So far you have come battling cruelty,
And I’m sure even further you can face reality!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

As you have hit the four-score mark,
I’m sure you’ll drive away the Dark!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Grown where your kids are mates than chore,
I’m sure you want to spend time with them some more!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Hope you experience a lovely breath of spring,
Don’t let your words carry the power of gale force wind!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Now you may witness the aching knee,
Don’t stress much, even that will flee!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

You may fear getting too introspective,
But relax and let your heart relieve!!!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

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