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70th year Birthday Wishes

If you were asked to blow 70 candles, imaging how many hours it would have taken you.
Happy 70th birthday.

Just three more decades for a hundred,
Are you glad or dreaded?
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Lung exercise is now a must,
So that your life you can trust!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Now that you are seventy,
You should keep yourself healthy!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Decline your liking for food that is junk,
If you don’t improve, you may land up being a punk!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Spare some time for meditation,
You’ll soul will go through rejuvenation!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Are you feeling you’re going near to death?
Don’t worry, on your life, you need to have more faith!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts wander around,
Whether to scale the sky again or be on ground?
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Seems you’re growing a bit cranky,
So wanna be more strong or lanky?
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Buy one problem and you’ll get one free,
So now do you get it, problems aren’t meant for thee!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

The cloud, the grass, the flowers and the tree,
Now seems to you like a family!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

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