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80th year Birthday Wishes

Wao! It is undoubtful that you have seen it all at 80.
You are now the epitome of wisdoms and experiences.
I wish you happy birthday.

Though you have a lot of time to rest when you are eighty,
That doesn’t mean you warm the couch and become fatty!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

Terrible backache you now may feel,
But it will go away, the way slips the eel!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

Know you are old but young at heart,
But now daily yoga you should start!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

You may face breathing problem,
But still be cheerful and also solemn!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

Sometimes just swear that you’re up to no good,
And scare people by hiding in a hood!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

Cook your food in rice bran oil,
So your further life will be packed in the happiness foil!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

Are you thinking of dying?
Just stop that, and come out with colors flying!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

God has given you a life so long,
So why not cheer with a happy song!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

You possess a very good art,
So carry that always with you in your cart!!!
Happy 80th Birthday!!!

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