Happy Birthday Wishes

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Belated Birthday Wishes

I consider myself fortunate to have a wonderful friend like you who would readily pardon me when I forgot his birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to you.

If at all I forgot your birthday, I will never forget you. Happy birthday!

You have celebrated so many birthdays since we became friends I have lost track of the last one. I am so sorry I missed that one. But still, I want to wish you a happy birthday!

I am sorry I forgot your birthday this week! Can we reschedule the celebration any time next week? For sure, I will be able to make it the next time around.

I deeply regret the missed chance of being the first one to greet you during your birthday. I heard it was one of your best celebrations. It may be late but here’s a birthday greeting to a special person.

How can you expect me to remember you day when you do not look a year older? That may be the reason why I forgot this special occasion. Happy Birthday and congratulations for looking so young!

I must be getting old because my memory fails me every year. As expected, I forgot your special day. I know you understand what I mean. After all, you have just turned a year older.

There may be a slight delay in my birthday greetings but even though your birthday has come and gone, I still wish you a very happy birthday.

I forgot your birthday and I admit I have run out of additional excuses. I plead guilty! So please accept my belated but warm birthday greetings.

I am in the habit of forgetting birthdays and yours was not an exception. This may be late but allow me this opportunity to squeeze in a special birthday greetings for special friend like you. Happy Birthday! Can you forgive me?

I feel terrible about missing your birthday, but more terrible about missing the delicious food I know you have prepared for your guests. Happy Birthday to someone as understanding as you. I hope I am forgiven. I hope there are leftovers too.

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