Happy Birthday Wishes

Find Birthday wishes for friends, family members, lovers, business partners, etc. Birthday wishes will add cheer on your friends' or loved ones' birthday. Choose the best Birthday Wishes for any category, person, or occasion!

Birthday Wishes Ideas

As you celebrate your birthday today, may all your wishes and dreams find fulfillment.

This is your best birthday ever. Well, that’s true until the next birthday comes. May you spend it with good food and good friends.

Birthdays are all about counting. Not the years, but the cheers and the well-wishers who are lining up to get invited to your fabulous party. Happy Birthday! Can I come in now?

It’s not your age that matters but the experiences that make every year added to your age well worth it. Behold! Your next journey is about to begin.

A youthful face is clearly nature’s work. Age is undoubtedly a work of art. SO which one would you choose—nature or art? No matter what, we’re here to celebrate with you. Happy Birthday!

You’ve added another year to your age. But just like wine, you’ve grown better as you got older. Here’s hoping that more people would enjoy your company! Happy Birthday.

Don’t look for the fountain of youth because even if you’ve added another year, you don’t look a year older. Maybe it’s because of your never-ending zest for adventure and life that keeps you looking younger every year.

You look more distinguished than old. Although honestly speaking, I don’t know if there is a difference. Can’t help but tease you even if it’s your special day. Happy Birthday!

It’s no surprise that you are one of the wisest friends I know. After all, wisdom comes with age. How old are you anyway? Hope this greeting does not get my name stricken off the invite list. Happy Birthday!

I have always looked forward to celebrating birthdays with crazy people. So what are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate your birthday with a big bang! After all, crazy people like us should stick together!

You bring so much joy to the lives of other people that I can’t help but wish you joy all year-round. Don’t worry. I will be here again next year to wish you another batch of year-round joy during your next birthday.

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