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Birthday Wishes for Daughter

As parents, we consider ourselves most fortunate in the world to give birth to daughter wonderful like you. In fact, you are not only one in millions; you are a very special gift from heaven. Happy Birthday!

You have grown into a fine young lady and I am a proud mom. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

The years have passed quietly. I look at you and no matter how I try to deny it, I see a grown-up lady instead of the baby girl that I used to hold in my arms. Happy Birthday pretty one!

You may have grown taller than me and a lot prettier, I must admit. However, you will still be the same old daughter who confides in me and values my views. Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday today and while you still ask me to play those girly games with you, I am anticipating the time when I would have to keep your dolls away. Happy Birthday sweetie!

When I look at you, I see a much-improved version of myself. I wish we could spend more time together. Happy Birthday!

Your mom may be a busy bee but never too busy when it comes to a lovable daughter like you. Happy Birthday!

I have planned the best surprises for your birthday but I know nothing will come close to us spending this special day with your dad and siblings. Happy Birthday!

Tucking you in bed is one of the night rituals I always look forward to. But as you celebrate another birthday today, I am afraid that those special times will soon be over. Happy Birthday!

Your kiss on my cheeks will always be my greatest motivation to move on, move forward and live life to the fullest. How can I be so lucky to have a daughter like you? Happy Birthday!

I can move mountains when it is my little girl asking the world from me. A dad like me could never ask for a better daughter. Happy Birthday!

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