Happy Birthday Wishes

Find Birthday wishes for friends, family members, lovers, business partners, etc. Birthday wishes will add cheer on your friends' or loved ones' birthday. Choose the best Birthday Wishes for any category, person, or occasion!

Funny Birthday Wishes

Wisdom and age are two separate words. It could be disastrous for the latter to precede the former, yet it is also annoying where the formal comes before the latter. I wish you the best wisdom at the suitable age. Happy Birthday!

Being young is not forever. But that’s not the case for you since you claimed to be 30 for years now. Happy Birthday anyway!

Congratulations for attaining old age. At least no one asks you questions anymore even if you know the answers.

Is that a halo forming somewhere around the middle of your head? Oh, sorry! Happy Birthday old guy!

I wish you pleasant memories during your birthday. But I also do wish you get so drunk you won’t remember what really happened.

It’s your birthday! Can there be any other good reason why we are getting drunk and having a good time?

Stop reminiscing about the past if you don’t want people to suspect how old you really are. Happy Birthday and be wise!

When they ask me how old you are I tell them you are 30 years old with 20 years of worldly experience.

You turned 29 today. After that, I expect everything to go down starting with your age. Happy Birthday pretty one!

Have a happy birthday. So what if they started calling you old man? It’s never too early to belong to the most respected sector of society.

Don’t worry. No matter how hard you spit and blow on your cake your visitors will beg you for a piece.

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