Happy Birthday Wishes

Find Birthday wishes for friends, family members, lovers, business partners, etc. Birthday wishes will add cheer on your friends' or loved ones' birthday. Choose the best Birthday Wishes for any category, person, or occasion!

Funny Birthday Wishes

Years ago you complained about being an inexperienced 18. Now, you are complaining about being a worldly 36!

I have always suspected you to be a spy. Otherwise, how can you keep your real age a secret after all these years?

The economy is not as it used to be. So don’t complain if all I got you was this cheap birthday card.

Don’t complain about being over and above the hill. Be thankful you are not under it! Have a cheerful birthday!

Get a bigger cake next year. Otherwise, all your candles won’t fit in!

You are so smart, wise and good looking. No wonder you remind me of myself. Happy Birthday!

So what if you only remember the numbers 2 and 9 whenever you celebrate your birthday?

It’s your age. You have a right to add to it, subtract from it or even divide it. But I guess you would never attempt to multiply it. Happy Birthday!

At your present age, you never thought you could still lose. Not until you saw what’s happening to your teeth, hair, memory, eyesight… Need I mention more or just greet you a great birthday?

Your age may be just a number but it could blow your friend’s mind away depending on what you declare during your birthday. Proceed with caution.