Happy Birthday Wishes

Find Birthday wishes for friends, family members, lovers, business partners, etc. Birthday wishes will add cheer on your friends' or loved ones' birthday. Choose the best Birthday Wishes for any category, person, or occasion!

Inspirational birthday Wishes

Birthdays are comprised of yesterday’s memories; today’s joy as well tomorrow’s dreams.

For a good attitude, it is advisable not to spurn,
Because if you do, you goodness shall burn!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Do not show for anyone, feeling of contempt,
If you haven’t seen that person attempt!!!
Happy Birthday!!

Even in the hardest time, don’t back out,
And then success will come to you, without any doubt!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Try, try till you succeed,
So that everyone is ready to praise your deed!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Don’t let failure allow you to be thrown,
Because failure, to success is a stepping stone!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

When in fear your heart may sink,
At that very moment, courage potion you shall drink!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Strong mind is stronger than a strong arm,
So have a strong brain and that will be your lucky charm!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Always let the good inspire,
And let the bad, in the cruel sun perspire!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

In life there will be a lot of struggle,
But with bad things don’t ever juggle!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Always be focused on your goal,
Because only this will give content to your soul!!
Happy Birthday!!!

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